Friends of the Illinois River Cica 2007-2008

This was the former website of the Friends of the Illinois River, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the natural resources of the Illinois River and its watershed. Content is from the site's 2007-2008 archived pages.

To visit their current website, go to: or visit their Facebook page

Our Goals -

  • Enhance local awareness of issues directly related to the Illinois River.
  • Increase public awareness of the historical, cultural, and natural resources and  outdoor recreation opportunities along the Illinois River.
  • Protect and enhance native plant and animal communities.
  • Encourage economic development compatible with the mission statement of the Friends of the Illinois River.


The Annual Illinois River Sweep

The Sweep is an annual event that cleans up the Illinois River and it's tributaries on the third Saturday in September - Make plans now to join us in September, 2008 for our 8th Annual Illinois River Sweep. We are ever so grateful to the volunteers. Without them, the sweep would not be possible. But along with the Volunteers, below is a list of Our Friends who help us each and every year with donations and their time that truly makes the Illinois River Sweep the success that it is today. To them we say, thank you! We ask you to visit their website and learn what our friends do and how they help us keep our Illinois River clean.


We would like to share some changes and challenges with our members.  As you are aware, the Friends of the Illinois River (FOIR) is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving, enhancing, and promoting the cultural and natural resources of the Illinois River and its watershed.  We have solicited memberships annually; however, this past year, the Board of Directors has decided to waive membership fees in hopes that we can begin to grow our list of “Friends” by simply asking that you sign up to support Friends of the Illinois River right here on our website.  We appreciate the support you have given us in the past and hope that you will remain a part of our organization.

Since 1999, FOIR has been coordinating a statewide effort to beautify and raise awareness of one of the most unique resources in the Midwest.  Illinois River Sweep is an annual event in which thousands of citizens from Lemont to Grafton assemble for a day of volunteer action to protect and celebrate our river and natural heritage.  Next September, 2008, will mark the eight year of Illinois River Sweep, an effort that has drawn over 8,000 volunteers to our river’s shore since its inception.   Enclosed is a review of Illinois River Sweep 2007.